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As a director and editor of over 15 years, I feel very lucky to have worked with amazing people, exceptional crew and excellent purpose led brands. I have worked on a diverse range of film projects, all of which are driven by my ability to mix strong visuals with compelling narrative. 

I have directed, edited and delivered projects for the BBC, Disney, Hasbro, L'Oreal Paris, Unilever, Garnier, Ren, Citroën, Glenmorangie and many more. These projects mean working to tight deadlines with exceptional attention to detail. They also mean inspiring my crew to create the best possible film each and every time. Working side by side the client, I have an intuitive sense of what is needed to bring to life any brief. 

Over the last six to seven years I have moved mainly into creating branded content whether that be promos, how to videos,  longer form lifestyle TV/ Web shows or most recently, multi-camera, studio set up Live Streams. For examples of some of this work I can supply links with protected passwords.

This last year I have also been rekindling my love for photography. Creatively this continual learning has helped me to push my strengths with composition and light.

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